Premium Adjustable Leather Belt - S Style

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This is a classic belt with a modern twist. Our belt has 3 technological secrets designed to work just for you.

*Our strap has an interior graduated mechanism that latches the buckle on the inside, instead of a hole that pierces the leather. It allows the belt to keep its shape much longer and makes it possible to discreetly adjust while on the waist in about a second.*

**Our buckle has an interior latch that is engineered to easily separate the belt strap from the buckle. Our strap is designed to be cut with a sturdy pair of scissors by 10 or more inches so that your belt fits you perfectly!**

***The third secret is that our belt strap leather has an outer protective shell that has better wear resistance than plain leather and allows extra strength for the built-in adjusting mechanism. Our belts typically outlast pin-style belts and are much more resistant to wear or damage than unreinforced leather belts.***

    It makes great sense to have an easily adjustable belt since our stomachs naturally go in and out all day before, during, and after meals. Living with that awful digging, squeezing feeling of regular belts or having to embarrassingly unstrap and re-strap in front of people is a social no-no for sure! The ease of discreet adjustment is definitely a must.

     On a new diet and exercise plan and need to manage a shrinking waistline? Does your weight vary over the year? Our belt will adjust with you and look equally good at any size.


Belt Size: When selecting your belt size, please use a tape measure starting and ending at your belly button to get your correct waist size. It is not recommended to use your pant waist size, since different manufacturer’s sizes can vary. If you are between the stated sizes on our belt options, choose the larger size. Remember, our belts can be trimmed by over 10 inches to fit you perfectly!

Belt Width: 3.5 cm

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